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KleenBore .223/5.62mm Bore Military Style Brush

KleenBore .223/5.62mm Bore Military Style Brush

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This Bore brush is designed for M-16, AR-15, and similar rifles. Both the bore and chamber brushes have the core wire looped through a brass coupling, threaded #8-36. The bore brush will clean any .22, .223 and 5.56mm. The chamber brush is configured with two brush diameters; the first stage of phosphor bronze cleans the chamber area, while the second stage of stainless steel cleans the bolt lock up area. Please note that the #8-36 coupling is not a standard thread size and will not fit most commercial cleaning rods. However, these will fit most Kleen-Bore multi-section rifle rods found in the Classic Rifle Kits and the All Caliber (S-170) Rod Set.


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