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Blackhawk Night-Ops Gladius Flashlight

Blackhawk Night-Ops Gladius Flashlight

SKU #: BPG-Gladius
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Blackhawk Night-Ops Gladius FlashlightBlackhawk Night-Ops Gladius FlashlightBlackhawk Night-Ops Gladius FlashlightBlackhawk Night-Ops Gladius FlashlightBlackhawk Night-Ops Gladius Flashlight
The Blackhawk Night-Ops Gladius is the most innovative handheld tactical illumination tool to ever arrive on the tactical flashlight scene.

This waterproof, illumination tool is designed primarily for handheld use, but robust enough for weapon mounted applications. It is powered by two 3-volt lithium batteries with a total runtime of 90 minutes. The Blackhawk NightOps Gladius Flashlight is designed from the ground up to be immersed into the realities of close quarter conflict and should significantly enhance the capabilities of those operating in low light environments.

The Blackhawk Gladius is born of years of operational & low light training experience. The unique capabilities of this feature rich package simply outclass the competition.

Front to back, inside and out, this light has performance written all over it.


  • 120 Lumens
  • 90 Minute runtime at full power
  • Superior Glass
  • Consummate Fit and Finish
  • Excellent Balance and Ergonomics
  • Waterproof to 50 meters
  • Fast Action Multi-function Capability (Momentary, Strobe, Constant ON, Dimming, & Lock-Out)
  • Intelligent Digital Thermal & Power Management Systems
  • Extended Runtime
  • Exceptional Beam Quality with a High Intensity Output
  • Shock Resistant for Combat Applications
  • The Gladius flashlight is a leading edge technology tool designed specifically for professionals who go in harms way on a regular basis.

    Designed to satisfy the needs of operational personnel, this light is the future of low light conflict held in your hand.


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