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Blackhawk Law Enforcement Duty Gear

Blackhawk Law Enforcement Duty Gear
Introducing Blackhawks Law Enforcement Duty Gear. It took the experience gained on the street, working as street cops, of the team at BlackHawk to finally get you nylon duty gear the way it was meant to be. With our group of field experts, from beat cop to tac officer, we know what you want and how you want it to look and perform. Along with the other folks at Blackhawk, who have decades of experience in R&D and manufacturing, we figured out how to give it to you. Only BlackHawk has combined the crisp, professional look of molded nylon with the superior abrasion resistance of Cordura nylon. You always had to settle for one or the other. Now you can get both.

Abrasion is the main enemy of duty gear and regular nylon just doesnšt hold up. Cordura nylon has superior resistance to abrasion, but has always been easy to crush and hasnšt always maintained its shape. BlackHawk has found a way to mold Cordura nylon, so that you get that great molded look with the toughness of Cordura.

Our special Cordura Ballistic weave nylon will look great day after day. It wonšt crumple or collapse when you take your baton or cuffs out and it wonšt get wrinkled from you simply using it in the real world.

We also use a proprietary 5 layer laminate that is tougher than anything else out there. Instead of the usual 3 or 4 layer laminate, we have added an extra reinforcing layer that strengthens without adding bulk. This way, you get the strongest, best looking molded duty gear on the market and it will stay that way tour after tour.

Try our new duty gear for yourself. We think you'll agree that wešve done duty gear the way you would do it. It really is "Police Duty Gear Done Right". Blackhawk Duty Gear.


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