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BlackHawk CQC Leather Check-Six Holster

BlackHawk CQC Leather Check-Six Holster
BlackHawk CQC Leather Check-Six HolsterBlackHawk CQC Leather Check-Six Holster
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SKU #: BPG-CQC4207
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Whether behind the back or just behind the hip, this holster gives you options, comfort and speed. Contour double-stitched premium leather has a molded sight track, adjustable tension screw and dual belt slots designed to pull the gun tight to your body. Cut to provide a combat grip from the start, this holster gives you outstanding concealability, even when your covering garment is open. When employing a long gun as a primary weapon, this holster's position is perfect for your handgun, as its position won’t interfere with operation of the long gun.

- Designed to hold handgun close to the natural contour of the waist

- Ideal for secondary weapons

- Flat holster back keeps sharp edges away from body

- Low profile design aids concealment


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