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BlackHawk CQC Leather Inside-The-Pants Holster

BlackHawk CQC Leather Inside-The-Pants Holster
Retail price: $63.99 Our price: $47.99 You save: $16.00
SKU #: BPG-CQC4204
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For deep concealment for a secondary weapon, working undercover or just off-duty, this is the ideal choice. Features a shirt guard to keep leather between the slide and your body, to increase comfort and prevent shirt from blocking holster. Angle-adjustable belt loop is mounted to reinforced upper body for stability and allows use for middle-of-the-back, strong side, appendix or cross-draw carry. Adjustable tension-screw gives you the choice on level of retention.

- Shirt guard protects clothing, keeps holster opening unobstructed and increases comfort

- Rotating, tension-lock belt loop allows use in a variety of carry modes

- Less bulk than most leather inside-the-pants holsters

- Molded sight track for smooth draw and re-holster


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